Aave News #99

🇨🇿 ETHPrague Hackathon

If you’re at ETHPrague stop by the Aave booth to chat with the team, pick up some 🔥 swag and learn about GHO. AGD is awarding $10k at the hackathon to the best teams hacking on GHO, Aave Optimism and Aave governance.

👻 GHO Mainnet Launch

Aave Companies posted an exciting AFRC to the forum proposing the introduction of GHO to Ethereum Mainnet. The post is the culmination of three previous TEMP CHECKS and includes the two initial facilitators, launch parameters for both facilitators and what actions the proposal initiates. Join the conversation and read the proposal to better understanding GHO's current progress and timeline. LFGHO!

🦙 Llama’s AGD Dashboard

Llama unveiled an addition to their Aave dashboard which tracks AGD treasury and grant metrics. The dashboard gives greater transparency into AGD’s cumulative spending and visualize types of grants approved by AGD in a live dashboard format.

🏗 Recent Updates from Grantees

  • Silent Protocol announced their plans to bring private DeFi to users of Aave 🤫

  • Anthias highlighted their new tool for DeFi risk management called Anthias Liquip Score. In short, it is a new method of measuring liquidation probability which they believe will prove a more effective metric for assessing a borrower’s liquidation risk than the traditional health factor. Read their pdf report for a deep-dive explanation 🐟

  • Butter shared an overview of TokenLogic’s recent delegate activity from May 2 - May 16. TokenLogic was the winner of Butter’s inaugural incentivized delegate campaign 🧈

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