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// Protocol 📰

// Ecosystem 🧉

// Risk 🔎

In case you haven’t seen it, check out the AAVE V2 Risk Dashboard and Analytics Dashboard developed by Gauntlet. Gauntlet has also launched the AAVE Arc Risk Dashboard. The Gauntlet team is particularly keen on iterating on this dashboard for the community and would love feedback via this Google Form.

For more details on how Gauntlet manages market risk for AAVE, please see Gauntlet’s Parameter Recommendation Methodology and Gauntlet’s Model Methodology.

Aave V3 Ethereum Deployment:

Details can be found here

Following the community’s decision to deploy a new Aave V3 Ethereum, it is now time for the community to make important choices about how to design V3 ETH’s initial market structure.

Given the sheer complexity and scope of the decisions that the community is faced with, Gauntlet has broken down the decisions into several questions to help organize community discussion to find consensus:

  1. Which assets should be initially included in the standard V3 Ethereum market?

  2. Which V3 modes should be “active,” and how should those modes be structured?

  3. What should the parameters be for initial V3 ETH deployment?

Gauntlet provides recommendations in the forum post to kickstart community discussion.

Risk Parameter Updates:

Details can be found in this ARC

An AIP will be published on Tuesday, October 11th. Gauntlet proposes to adjust five (5) total risk parameters, including Liquidation Threshold, Loan To Value, and Liquidation Bonus, across two (2) Aave V2 ETH assets.

This batch update of risk parameters aligned with the Moderate risk level chosen by the Aave community. These parameter updates were a continuation of Gauntlet’s regular parameter recommendations. Gauntlet’s simulation engine has ingested the latest market data to recalibrate parameters for the Aave protocol.

// Governance ⚖️ → Now written by Boardroom!

The critical Autonomous Proposal accumulated enough (320K AAVE) proposition power to execute, which meant that two proposals were initiated: The “vote boost” proposal (which succeeded), and the proposal to adjust Level 2 requirements (which is active). Read all about the process and its importance to Aave governance here.

🗣 The second proposal needs to meet high quorum and differential thresholds. So go vote.

Process note: The most recent, always excellent Aave News is out. Going forward, we at Boardroom will be contributing to the governance news covered there. (We’ll still post here, just to make sure all bases are covered.)

🗣 Active Aave Improvement Proposals (AIPs):

  • Adjust Aave Governance Level 2 requirements (106).

Recently passed / failed Aave Improvement Proposals:

  • Use AAVE Ecosystem Reserve to vote YES on proposal to adjust Level 2 Governance requirements (107). This passed with nearly 100% voting “YAE.”

  • Ethereum v2 Reserve Factor - aFEI Holding Update (105) passed and was executed on October 9.

  • Llama <> Aave (104) passed and was executed on October 9.

On Snapshot:

🗣 Provide your feedback on these new Aave Requests for Comment (ARC):

  • Security and Agility of Aave Smart Contracts via Continuous Formal Verification. @shelly from Certora extends this proposal from a previous one, requesting a year-long commitment from Aave DAO at $2.7m, with an additional $400k suggested for fellowships and community grants for security engineers from the Aave community.

Ongoing requests for comment:

Aave Grants DAO has posted its September update, with details about budget, grantees, and events provided by @0xmigi.

Delegate platforms: See updates and voting rationales from Franklin DAO (@PennBlockchain).

Who manages the Aave treasury?

Do delegates get paid?

Quick Gov Links: Governance FAQ | Governance Docs | Discord Governance Channel | Snapshot | AIPs | Aave on Boardroom

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// Hey Anon 👻

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