Aave News #95

TokenLogic wins Delegate Election, Balancer Boosted Pools with v3, and Updated Dashboards from Llama & Anthias. Plus, come meet Aave fam in Tokyo 👻 🇯🇵

For anyone who saw Aave in Fortune’s top 40, including: Spotlight 🔦 | Protocol 📰 | Ecosystem 🧉 | Events 📆 | Hey Anon 👻 | Governance ⚖️

Spotlight: GHOsts in Tokyo 🇯🇵

Aave fam will be attending DAO Tokyo on Thursday, hosting a booth at ETHGlobal Tokyo all weekend and offering prizes to teams building on top of GHO during the hackathon. If you are a previous grantee and will be in Tokyo - then please get in touch! We would love to meet up and make sure we can hook you up with exclusive Aave merch 🤫👀

For any builders or GHO enthusiasts, check out the prizes we have up for grabs to the top teams building on top of GHO. Aave Grants DAO will be hosting a workshop, ‘Introduction to GHO: Payments Workshop’, on Friday, April 14th at 7pm to highlight GHO, our bounties and help developers get started building with GHO.

WEN Tokyo?
WEN Tokyo?

Protocol 📰

Balancer Boosted Pools are now live on v3!
Balancer Boosted Pools are now live on v3!
  • See a full overview of all on-chain votes, Snapshot votes, proposals and everything else Aave governance from the past week by Boardroom in Governance ⚖️ below. Some of the highlights include:

    • TokenLogic won Butter’s Delegate Election (more below in Ecosystem 🧉)

    • The Aave Chan Initiative’s (ACI) proposal to become a service provider passed on Snapshot

    • The ARB airdrop the Aave DAO received was voted to be used in a variety of ways

Ecosystem 🧉

TokenLogic is the winner of the delegate election for Butter’s incentivized delegate campaign. Check out phase two and delegate your AAVE to support and earn an NFT. If you missed the election, check out:

Llama highlighted some stats from their analytics dashboard, including a 5.8% MoM increase in the treasury value and a new dashboard breaking down service provider obligations and runway.

Anthias added VaR (Value at Risk) metrics to their dashboard which allows users to better understand how risky certain positions on Aave are.

Events 📆

🇯🇵 ETHGlobal Tokyo (April 14–16) → 🚨 Any Aave Grant recipients who are attending, let us know!

🇵🇹 rAAVE - during ETHGlobal Lisbon in May!

Hey Anon 👻

Governance ⚖️

The Proposals section below has been organized into the stage described here — in an attempt to reveal the process more clearly. Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Follow the latest governance updates from Boardroom

Proposals 👻

Aave Improvement Proposals:

  • Increase wMATIC Supply Cap & BAL Borrow Cap (199). Succeeded on April 10 with 100% voting YAE and is queued for execution.

  • Isolation Mode Changes for Aave V3 Avalanche, Polygon, and Arbitrum (198). Succeeded with nearly 100% voting YAE and was executed on April 9.

  • Add UNI, MKR, SNX & BAL to Ethereum v3 (197). Succeeded on April 8 with 100% voting YAE and is queued for execution.

  • Add DeFi Saver to Aave V3 FlashBorrowers (196). Succeeded with 100% voting YAE and was executed on April 8.

  • Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V2 AMM Market (2023-03-31) (195). Succeeded with 100% voting YAE and was executed on April 7.

  • Configure Isolation Mode Borrowable Assets on V3 Ethereum (194). Succeeded with 100% voting YAE and was executed on April 6.

⚡️ Snapshot:

  • [TEMP CHECK] - GHO Facilitator Onboarding Process and Application. Voting ended on April 8 with over 98% voting YAE.

  • [ARC] E-Mode Parameter Changes for V3 Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum. Voting ends on April 11.

  • [TEMP CHECK] - Launch Aave V3 on Starknet. Voting ends on April 10.

  • [TEMP CHECK] Incentivized Delegate Campaign (3-month). Voting ends on April 10.

  • [ARFC] ACI Service Provider 6-month Proposal. Voting ended on April 7 with nearly 100% voting YAE.

  • [TEMP CHECK] - Aave DAO’s $ARB Airdrop Allocation. Voting ended on April 3 with over 84% voting “mixed option, discuss.”

  • [ARFC] Add DeFi Saver to flashborrowers on Aave V3. Voting ended on April 3 with nearly 100% voting YAE.

  • [ARC] Community Preference for V3 Migration Levers. Voting ended on April 5 with almost 96% voting for “NO decrease V2 LT/LTV on overlapping assets” (see link for full range of votes on different options).

🗣 Active Aave Requests for Comment (ARFC):

  • [ARFC] Aave V3 Deployment on BNB Chain

  • [ARFC] Aave V3 Deployment on zkEVM L2

  • [ARFC] Gauntlet E-Mode Methodology: Aave V3 Liquid Staking Tokens

  • [ARFC] Network deployment ARFC template

  • [ARFC] Chaos Labs Supply and Borrow Cap Updates - 03.30.2023

  • [ARFC] MaticX Supply Cap Increase Polygon v3

  • [ARFC] stMATIC SupplyCap Increase Polygon v3

  • [ARC] Gauntlet Recommendations for wstETH on Aave V3 Arbitrum

  • [ARFC] GHO Genesis Parameters (discussion continues)

  • [ARFC] Polygon v3 BAL Supply & Borrow Cap Increase

  • [ARFC] Align AAVE Risk Parameters on Aave V3 Ethereum Market with Aave V2

  • [ARC] Add support for wstETH on Polygon V3

  • [ARFC] Aave V1 Offboarding Plan


  • [TEMP CHECK] Proposal for Senate to Enable Dedicated Tooling for Aave Governance

  • [TEMP CHECK] Aave Bug Bounty on Immunefi

  • [TEMP CHECK] Gas Fee Rebate for On-Chain Votes

  • [TEMP CHECK] Ethereum V2 to V3 Migration

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