Aave News #100

100 issues of Aave News 👻 Thank you to everyone who has been subscribed from the beginning, read a single issue or browsed through one of our threads. Let’s get into the top stories:

👻 April & May Grantees

Help celebrate our recent grant recipients! Earlier this month Migi posted an overview of AGD’s work completed since the start of the most recent renewal proposal which highlighted:

  • April grantees: Risk Radar for GHO by Into the Block | Block Analitica | Awesome Aave | Cryptografiq | Strateg Protocol | Senate| Aave Inspires Ladies in Blockchain

  • May grantees: Sommelier Finance | Liquidation Backtesting Tool by Warden Finance | Xenophon Labs | Mosaic | Console by Brahma | DeFi Simulator | Credit Delegation Marketplace by ProtoFire.io

  • Event recaps for each of the main events AGD has sponsored this year

  • A budget breakdown - notably AGD has spent less than budgeted in our renewal proposal leaving a healthy buffer for our current quarter

🇨🇿 ETHPrague Hackathon Aave Winners

Aave Grants announced the winners for the three Aave focused hackathon prizes at ETHPrague. Congrats to all the teams who attended and to those who built on Aave & GHO! In total, there were four winning projects and tons of new ideas. The winners were:

👻 Best GHO Hack

  • 🏆 Brian is an AI assistant that allows anyone to learn and interact with web3. Users can:

    • Ask questions like "How can I borrow GHO?" or

    • Use the built in tx builder to complete on-chain actions like "Borrow USDC using 0.1 eth as collateral".

🔴 Best use of Aave with OP

  • 🏆 Leverage ReFi's mission is to become a new era for ReFi and stablecoins like GHO by making them powered by ecological real-world assets.

  • 🏆 Praave enables private transactions for Aave and beyond with Railgun.

💻 Best Governance Hack

  • 🏆 PEER UP revolutionizes how we connect and live. Empowering individuals to build strong local communities by sharing resources, governing together, and positively impact neighborhoods through a common treasury of aTokens.

🏗 Updates from Recent Grantees

Try out Fuji Finance V2

Optimize your Aave v3 positions with Projection Finance’s simulation tool

Dive into a case study on Aave

Sign up for ‘Aave Inspires Ladies in Blockchain’


That’s a wrap for this week! As always, let us know any feedback, stories to feature or what changes you want to see 💙

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