Aave News #98

ETHGlobal Lisbon Hackathon Winners & Your Next Chance to Hack at ETHPrague 🇵🇹🇨🇿 Plus, rETH eMode, Aave Robot & Skyward.

Do you think stkAAVE holders should have priority to fill caps of high demand assets? Have your say by joining a recent discussion in the governance forum!

🇵🇹 ETHGlobal Lisbon Hackathon Winners

The quality of hacks on Aave & GHO blew the team away at ETHGlobal Lisbon 🔥Congrats to all the hackers and especially the Aave Grants prize winners. We are excited to showcase what they built…

🥇1fx by 1deltaDAO

1fx empowers traders with the ability to establish significantly leveraged positions (up to 30x 🤯) within the Aave protocol. 1fx leverages token pairs in the same eMode category, Account Abstraction and Flash Loans.

🥈Cof.fin Finance

Cof.fin allows investors to maximize their yield from liquidity mining through automated leveraged yield farming while increasing the utility and adoption of GHO. Users can borrow GHO and deposit into an ETH/GHO LP position resulting in up to 180% capital efficiency.

Great job, @leohhhn and @zK_enk

🥉+ 👻 Geist

Send your friends some GHO with a simple link that anyone can claim.

Very cool concept, @umit.eth, @JannDriessen, @MarkuSchick & @franke0x

👻 TreasuryDAO

TreasuryDAO is a toolkit for on-chain treasury management. It’s an integrated solution where anyone can create proposals for DAOs to vote on strategies like hedging or going long any asset in Aave.

👻 Guardian Oracle-Keeper Protocol

A novel on-chain Keeper that also allows DeFi protocols to immediately react to price actions, as soon as they occur on-chain.

Impressive work (especially as a solo dev!), @JordanSt3000

👻 Dookies

Take full control of your cookies with Dookies - anonymous, ZKP-based & incentivized data analytics and tracking for all users leading to better ad personalization. The payment transactions to the Advertiser happens in GHO.

Awesome project, @Ushana34655283, @_raquelasecas, @huxwell_, @cooperjamshed & @ookimaki_devthey were also finalist in the main hackathon!

👻 CatX

Instant, tradeable, automated catastrophe bonds to help protect the world from natural disasters. All invested capital earns yield through GHO and Aave.

Brilliant idea, @0xmireynolds and the rest of the team

🇨🇿 ETHPrague

Your next chance to join Aave fam and hack on top of Aave and GHO is at the ETHPrague hacakthon from June 9th to 12th. Aave Grants will be offering $10k in bounties across three categories:

👻 Best GHO Hack
🔴 Best use of Aave with Optimism
💻 Best Governance Hack


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